Cory’s Plastic Industry

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Project Description

Client – Cory’s Plastic Industry

Consultant – M/s. Capital Engineering Consultancy

Main Contractor – M/s. Prompt Steel Building & Contracting

Corys Packaging is a worldwide leader in the packaging business and a developer of comprehensive packaging solutions. Part of Abdul Ghaffar Hussain’s Green Coast Enterprises, a private company. Corys Packaging has been in business since 1976 and has a distinct history that influences how the firm operates now. Emirates Technopack LLC and Kangaroo Plastics LLC, both based in Dubai and Hungary, serve the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe markets.

On a site of 26,543.16m2, the project comprises PE Fabrication and Storage, PE Production Building, Substation, Chiller Yard, Security Rooms, Visitor Room, and HC & Future Trans. Room. This ensures that there is proper electrical supply and plumbing in the building for the working staff.

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